Friday, 2 February 2018


The storm has broken up here which is good news for the weekend which a lot of people will be turning into an extra long weekend by taking Monday off as Tuesday is Waitangi Day.

The Old Girl comes up tonight on the bus and returns to Auckland on Wednesday which will be good. Tonight we are going to our favourite restaurant to celebrate our 30th anniversary of being happily unmarried. I've dug out my old suit which I haven't worn for quite a few years, ironed a collared shirt, shined my shoes and I'll be looking lovely (as opposed to looking like 'a bag of busted arseholes' as she normally refers to my appearance. I'm doing this as on our first 'date' together 30 years ago I bought a new suit from Saks on Broadway for the occasion. I hardly ever wear 'dressed up' clothes anymore preferring shorts and T-shirts.


With luck the weather will remain calm through to next week so we can walk, swim and go kayaking.
I just sold the 2-man fishing kayak that I bought a year ago as it was too heavy for me to easily manhandle from the basement to the water without using a trolley and as a result I wasn't making much use of it.

I replaced it with a one man model that's light enough to easily carry on my own and I'm looking forward to making a lot of use of it.

This is an almost new model with a good rudder system that slips quickly through the water. I'm pleased to have found it on Trade Me (I put an alert on for this model) and have managed to sell the double for the same prices as the new one cost which is a good deal for the buyer as well - that's what Trade Me is for- satisfaction for all parties.

The Old Girl has her single, rudderless 'crash and splash' model which she prefers so we should be able to have a few good outings over the next few days. She hasn't seen the new green one yet though so might just appropriate that. When I left my job and the company car behind a few years ago we bought a new car - a Peugeot 301 sports model - for me. She took the keys, tossed me her Rover keys and that was that.

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Richard (of RBB) said...

Happy anniversary. Hope Lyn enjoys her new kayak.


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