Sunday, 1 July 2018


* Not a reference to Johann Sebastian Bach



informal verb
gerund or present participle: baching

(especially of a man) live alone and do one's own cooking and housekeeping.

The Old Girl's off to Melbourne today for a month work assignment. This means that she's not up here this weekend and not for the next three or more as well. Bummer!

Still. I'm used to her being away as she's had work assignments in Australia before as well as other parts of New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK. We live a life that might seem strange to some people with us only seeing each other 2 or 3 days out of a week. Mind you, some other people's relationships might benefit from this. Some of the guys at the tennis club think that I'm a lucky bugger.

Thanks to FaceTime we video call each other for free every evening. This enables us to keep in touch and for her to check up on me. The cat often joins in when she hears The Old Girl's voice.

It means of course that the pressure is off on the housework. I won't have to panic on a Thursday and race around doing the vacuuming, changing bedsheets and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. I should keep up the routine I know but I guess that I'll leave the major stuff and do a big spring-clean in a month.

I'm planning to go to Melbourne for an extended weekend while she's there - maybe in a fortnight if I can get cheap flights. Melbourne is a great city and we like it.

There's a MoMA exhibition on in the National Victorian Gallery (NVG) at present which I'd like to see.

No doubt it'll be cold at this time of year but there'll be lots of cafes, bars and restaurants that we can visit.

I'd better hurry up and book.


Robert said...

Oh yes, yes we are off to Eastbourne tomorrow as poor cleaners trying to get enough money to pay the bills. Did you know they are building this marvellous wharf at Eastbourne, though no ships or ferries use it?.
It's for the wealthy so they have their "Wharf" to ....I do not know what from.
No doubt my rates will rise as a result.


Wharfs and jetties are good.
We have a jetty at the end of our road.
Wealthy people need these things and it's nice to see your council supporting them. Well done.


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