Thursday, 9 August 2018


Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 66.

Another 6 to that score and I could terrorise Robert and his imaginary friends.

Richard phoned me on my birthday - well, the day before actually as I think he was going to be working on Wednesday but it was good to chat .....UP TO A POINT!

The point was when the silly old bugger said something about a final countdown (he also turns 66 in a few days time). He said that our parents generally lived to about 80 give or take a few years and that for us, that was only 14 years away.

What a bundle of joy.

The problem is though that he's right.

We are all going to die and that's final.. kaput...finito ....gone ... regardless of what Robert and his silly religious beliefs say about 'everlasting life' and a time after we die ' living with our creator'.


We will be gone ... finito ... kaput ... worm fodder or returned to the universe as smoke.

For me another 14 years is probably correct.

The key to this is having a good 14 years and not a fucking miserable 14 years being ill and infirm.

I enjoy my wine and the better the wine ... well, the better. I'm not going to eke out my last few years drinking crap plonk in cleanskin bottles.

I don't overeat (The Old Girl would disagree) and I don't get all crazy about food. I like to buy small amounts of high quality produce and cook it well (the less meat the better).

I'm lazy - have been all of my life but I was a reasonable athlete and even if I don't run marathons or jog I like to go walking and play a few sports commensurate with my age. At present (66 y.o) this is tennis, golf, bowls, badminton and tomorrow, trying out 'pickleball' at the local community centre.

I try to keep my mind active by community work (committees and projects), reading, crosswords and other word games and, believe it or not - blogging.

I'm still going to be wormfood in a few years but I'm damned if I'll go out like a wuss. An old wuss.
I'll keep doing the things that I enjoy as long as I enjoy doing them and I'll keep doing physical activity even after I stop enjoying it to keep my aged body in reasonable nick.

Today I played tennis for a couple of hours then went to the gym for some aerobic and anaerobic exercise before a light lunch and then outdoor bowls. It wasn't exactly an Olympic athletes's workout but it was enough to make me feel better than if I'd sat around all day.


This afternoon I mixed up lamb mince, sausage meat and various vegetables, herbs and spices to make a meatloaf mix which I put in the freezer in 5 portions. I'm having salmon rissoles, mini roast potatoes and a rocket, pear and Parmesan salad for tea which is all very good but I'm spoiling all of that good exercise by imbibing a Squawking Magpie 2016 Chardonnay while writing this and before my meal.

Oh well ...... as Richard says ..... I'll be dead soon.


Richard (of RBB) said...

Yes, we'll all be dead soon but at least I'll rest in peace knowing what you had got dinner.


"Yes, we'll all be dead soon but at least I'll rest in peace knowing what you had got dinner."

I know that this was posted as Richard (of RBB) but the construction of this sentence suggests that the author was Robert (of whatever-the-hell- he-is- now).

Either that or those 'cleanskin chardonnays' have got a lot stronger recently.

Robert said...
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"In the sixteenth century it would have been perfect English!"

In the 21st century you think it's perfect English.


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