Saturday, 4 August 2018


It amuses me how Robert and other christians bang on about their religion and are arrogant in the way that they 'helpfully' inform others of what their god could do for them. This is often in the form of dire threats thinly veiled in claptrap about how 'god' loves them.

Give us a break.


I and possibly Richard (of Richard's Bass Bag)* live our lives by our own code of ethics and morality that isn't dependant on archaic and probably dodgy writings and their promulgation by money making institutions that blatantly cover up crimes and support paedophilia. 

That said I and possibly the aforementioned old guy who lives in Nuova Lazio, have our own personal jesuses. Admittedly the formation of our beliefs had some beginnings in the education we had in catholic schools but I'm convinced that concepts of conscience, ethics and morality would have also been instilled in us if we'd been educated in any of those 'proddy' or state schools.


Do you remember this 1990 song from Depeche Mode? I really liked it at first because of the beat and later for the lyrics.

The song's been covered by other artists but the one I like best is Johnny Cash's version released shortly before his death. It's quite visceral like his treatment of the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt which was on the same album The Man Comes Around released in 2002.

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Bible: (1) A book of Myths, Science Fiction and Fairy Tales written by a group of itinerant Arabs and designed for people who are prepared to totally suspend their intellectual faculties. (2) The worst self-help book ever written. (3) A book having the same intellectual content as Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs (3) A book described by Bertrand Russell as being totally void of humor and in which there is “not one word in praise of intelligence.” (4) A book, according to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, containing “sublime passages” but also plagued by “contradictions, inconsistencies and absurdities.”

Excerpt from 'The Cynic's Sanctuary'.

Robert said...
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Here we go.


I'm with Bertrand Russell on this.

Richard (of RBB) said...

Yep, I'm* with you The Curmudgeon.

* the man from the original bass bagging site


"Subliminal sublime deep rumbling, Euphoric trumpets welcoming... Not today. I counted to twelve then home. Sublimely swallowi...