Tuesday, 7 August 2018


I had a nice catch up with Richard on the phone earlier and we were discussing his trip to Italy in September.
I'm envious as I love Italy and have enjoyed several pleasant trips there.
Richard and Shelley's itinerary sounds great with visits to Florence, Venice and Verona and longer stays in small towns in the Veneto region.

He will no doubt discover and drink some great wines and, if he goes to the right places find great wines that don't have labels on them seeing that he has a liking for 'cleanskins'

I promised Richard that I'd trawl through The Wine Guy's old posts and find the post I wrote about a visit to a nice restaurant in Verona where we had a funny wine experience:

We have a lot of these with funny experiences in Rome, Venice and Florence but I haven't time to find these at present (I've got a small cheese souffle cooking which I have to keep an eye on.)

Here's a post on a yummy Italian wine though:


Richard (of RBB) said...

The The The Guy didn't seem to appreciate the second 'reminder' post. Happy birthday anyway.

Robert said...

Relax, enjoy the suffle I'll do the obliquitry comment on The The Guy's post.


'obliquitry' ?


Yesterday evening I sat out on the deck at sunset and enjoyed a glass or two of wine as I was waiting for my pizza to cook. I set the iPad...