Saturday, 11 August 2018


The 'Go' crowd at the Casa. Note the guy in the sheepskin coat hoping that his wife won't see this photo in the paper showing him with some beatnik girl.

Richard reminisced about Tony and him picking up girls at the Casa Fontana in Wellington in the early 1970s. Now unless the girls had fallen over there was zero chance of that happening.

In fact nothing happened except for some interested glances thrown their way by Trevor Rupe.
The staff at the Casa actually thought that Tony and Richard were a gay couple as they seemed not to be interested in the girls there.

Tony to Richard: "Just look cool and don't catch their eye"

Unfortunately for Richard Tony's pick up techniques at this stage of life were a bit limited. He convinced Ricard that girls would only be interested in them if they pretended to show no interest in the girls. Oh, also, he told Richard that it was best to get really pissed as well - "girls like that" he said.


So where was Peter? If it was a Saturday night he was probably at home with his parents watching Morecambe and Wise on the telly.

They would have left Noel in the car parked outside in Victoria Street.

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Richard (of RBB) said...

Actually, for some reason the Casa Fontana was always empty on a Saturday night. Yes, Noel was in the car and wearing his duffle coat despite it being summer. Peter was probably down in the basement of that building he lived in trying to get his car started.


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